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Web Development

We have years of experience providing web development solutions for a variety of clients from small business and start ups.

Product Development

Informatics360 provides services in upgrading Clients products. Our expertise in varied domains helps us quickly modernize existing products.

Mobile Application

Mobile development is an interesting and fast growing area. However it can be difficult due to the number of platforms and phones that need to be supported.

What else we provide?

Application lifecycle management and support

Build new business applications and extend existing apps with the Now Platform App Engine.

Network support

IT solutions to maintain, improve and restore business productivity and profitability.

Data warehousing design

Gain free, hands-on experience with the AWS platform, products, and services

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Web Development

Product Development

Desktop Applications

Mobile Applications

About us

Informatics360 is a leading consultancy and outsourcing provider to European companies in a variety of sectors including e-learning, e-governance, Business Process Management and Investment Banking. Our robust and cost effective Human Resource Management and Corporate products cater to the needs of small, medium and large enterprises. Informatics360 offers professional customized application development, application lifecycle management and support and a broad range of software development services. We provide full cycle custom software programming services, from product idea to support and enhancement. Our programming team is capable of developing very complex products that can do virtually anything the Web will allow, all the while maintaining simple functionality and ease of use.

What our clients say

Informatics360's people are very good. They never rush into anything. Thoughtful behaviour is what I like the most in their work. Their response time is amazing.

Thomson Reuters

Informatic360 has been a great partner for us. They exactly understand what we need and always develop solutions that help us achieve greater success.

Barclays Bank

We give our highest compliments to your technical team always available for help. They explained every step very well and in detailed manner. Thanks

Jaguar Land Rover

Informatics360 completed integration on time.  Professional Technical Service.


Just want to thank you for Informatics360 technical support service. Real professionals and very customer focused. Again, thank you!


Informatics360 impressed us over and over with team knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and responsiveness. Informatics360 is a truly outstanding company and we can all agree that you have really made our work a success.

Etihad Airways

If you want to get your technical design strategy right first time and avoid a lot of pain, call in Informatics360. Their top-notch technical skills and A1 execution really make the difference.


we really feel fortunate to have identified Informatics360 as our supplier.

Citi Bank